Update & Proverbs 1

Hello blogosphere! It's very unlike me to miss a week and I apologize to those who came looking for a post last week. I'm in the final month of preparations from an event I'm planning. On October 3rd Convoy of Hope, Red Rocks Church, and dozens of Denver churches and organizations are hosting a poverty free day of hope in downtown Denver. We plan on serving thousands of guests with services such as haircuts, portraits, job readiness, medical and dental exams, groceries, and much more! I'm the point leader for the event and as you can imagine, I'm head deep in logistics and details! 

Two weeks from today I'll get to witness transformation take place in my city! I'll try my hardest to post but no guarantees! In the mean time, I hope you'll pray for the event, the team, our volunteers, and guests! You can also go through some posts from the past you may not have read, and my lastest reading plan on YouVersion. I'm getting amazing testimonies from people around the world of how God is using the plan powerfully in their life, so check it out.

I do want to share something that has been on my heart, praying it ministers to you. It's been a while since I read Proverbs so I decided to go through it recently. The many pages of Proverbs in my Bible are marked up, circled, and filled with prayers. But it was the verse not highlighted that stuck out to me this time. It was fresh insight, and I love those moments.

Proverbs 1:19 vividly speaks to the consequences of greed: it steals your life. It robs you. Empties you. But it's not just the greed associated with money. It's wanting power...recognition...status. Greed is a selfish desire for anything, and it's those desires that will empty you of life.

God, I pray I would want nothing outside of you or do anything for selfish gain.

If there is something you long for outside of God, forget it. Let it go. It's not worth your life.