The Blueprint to Proper Healing - Part 2

Worship is key to the healing process because it takes the focus off of our situation and onto our faithful God. Once I began worshipping and focusing less on my grief, I was able to start implementing other things. In Romans 12 we see the attributes of a true Christian, and indeed they should be represented even in our grief, however there are a few that are particularly helpful in such a season.

Rejoicing in hope. Patience in tribulation. Being constant in prayer. Those three consistencies in the storm will guide you through to the other side. Again, these aren’t necessarily easy when you’re struggling to get through the day, however, they are a part of the healing process. More specifically, they provide the right perspective to see the end game.

Rejoicing in hope means recognizing that Christ will return and we can celebrate an eternity with Him. So even though it’s rough now, it’s only temporary compared to the everlasting state of our souls. As a result, we can be patient through the tribulation and above all, pray through it.

You see, prayer changes things. My youth pastor use to say that the battle is won in prayer. So if the battle for your healing rests in the consistency of your prayers, pray often. Go forth today with a commitment to be grateful for your eternal destination, patience to see through the storm, and constant in your prayers.

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  • Today all I ask of you is to go to prayer now.