Book of James - We're a Mess Without This

Take a moment and read James 1: 19-27.

I remember those times as a child when my mom or dad would ask me to pick up my toys or clean up my mess, and I would say yes, but then not do it. I could certainly be a rebel like that up through my teenage years. 

In the second part ofJames 1 we explore a bit of this approach as it relates to God's Word, the ultimate authority in our life. Not only is it a sort of guidebook for life, but a lifesaver! 

James hits on a point right right away that in and of itself is key to living a healthy life: let the Word be planted in your heart to help keep you from sin and death. It gives a specific approach to anger. 

In our interactions with people the Word has the ability to help us guard against anger, which can lead to many hurts. But we do that by first being a person who will be quick to listen to people, as this verse is often applied for, but also to Scripture. That's the first step. 

However, James goes on to describe that it's not enough to listen but we must DO!

Being a person that reads the Bible is great but it's only part of our responsibility. We must be willing to do what it says, no matter how difficult it may be. If we do this-if we do what God asks of us-we will not only be saved from sin and death, but verse 25 says we will be blessed! 

The end of the chapter goes back to controlling our tongue, which is how we opened today with being quick to listen and slow to speak. There is strong power in the tongue and God has a desire for us to learn to control it. It can bring life or produce death. And we do that through the power of the Word of God.

At the end of the day pure religion is this:  caring for orphans and widows, and not letting the world corrupt you. Many people can care for others and not be truly saved, so by doing the Word out of faith and love for God, the world has a hard time corrupting us.

Stay in theWord, do what it says, and it will keep you from sin, death, anger, and corruption. It will also bless you and keep in your heart to do what is right and care for others. 

Let's be doers of the Word, people committed to loving God and others. 


  1. Is there something you've recently read in the Bible that you are struggling to follow through on? What is it and how will you respond?