A Season For Everything

(originally published July 31, 2010)

As I begin this post, I'm sitting out on the back porch, watching a summer thunderstorm roll through the Ozarks. I can't describe the beauty of these moments; nor can a picture justify.

Everything is green, and being drenched in warm rain.  Blue sky and puffy white clouds split the dark gray mass and I can see and smell the steam rising from the ground. Off in the distance, I can see two baby deer playing in circles around their mom.

As I was sitting there, I began to pray. It was one of those God moments, you know. And in that God moment, it seemed as if God had something for me.

I have been in a very, very, very long winter season. The last two years have been the most difficult yet.  When I turned 25, I felt like things were going to be different. Things were going to change. And they have, sort of.

As I watched the rain, I couldn't help but see that perhaps I'm in a spring season. I suppose I thought things would immediately turn around and everything would be grand. Ha, yea right. But looking at my life now, I see the spring.

In spring there is much rain. The rain is what begins to produce life...it brings beautiful things forth from no where...it allows for the abundance. When it rains, we must take shelter. Sometimes there will be some hail to break things down...thunder to shake things up...and lightning to expose what we couldn't see before. And sometimes the rain breaks for a moment to reveal something fresh...new...beautiful.

Yes, I am in my spring. I am seeing moments where I have had to run to an Almighty God for shelter in the storm. There has certainly been times of hail to break me...thunder to shake things up...and recently God has been sending quite a bit of lightning to expose some areas of my life that need attention. But then there are those moments when the rain breaks and something incredible happens.

You know what this means don't you? It means my summer is around the corner! It's been a long time since I've seen a summer. And I'm excited! But I realize that I am still in spring, and I must cherish it. I want to allow the scattered thunderstorms to pelt on me, and then to see those moments where the grass is turning green and the flowers begin to bloom...where life begins to spring forth! I want to enjoy spring...I think it may be the best season of them all. You get the best of both worlds...a little winter & a little summer...God's tough lessons and abundant blessings.