Prayer Determines Your Course

(originally published January 26, 2012)

I recently began reading the book 'The Circle Maker' by Mark Batterson, Pastor of National Community Church in Washington D.C. After two chapters, I'm hooked to the core and thrilled to delve into this read on prayer. However, for the moment I continue to turn over and over a passage from the second chapter that refuses to let me go without further understanding. 

"Who you become is determined by how you pray. Ultimately, the transcript of your prayers become the script of your life."

Wow. As I process this, I am challenged to reexamine my prayers and how I pray. I have realized that my prayer life as of late has  become routine and lacking of true spiritual power. As I meditate on this thought, I am challenged to approach the throne of God daily with power and boldness, not lacking humility, of course.

Batterson suggests that our course in life is directly effected by our prayers. We can pray in doubt and/or casualness, or pray with an expectancy and boldness. Either route will determine what course in life we take. He comments that what is necessary in our prayer life is the knowledge that GOD IS FOR US. If we believe that, then our prayers will be influenced and expectant, changing the course of our life.

Again, I can't tell enough how excited I am to read this book in it's entirety and see how God uses it to challenge me. This was just a small part of the book; a nugget I wanted to share with anyone out there that would read this. Once I am finished with the book, I'll be sure to make it a point to review it on my blog.

My prayer is that you would leave the blog today with the knowledge that God is for you. To believe it and use it in your prayers.