This Isn't The Biblical Message You Were Expecting

(originally published June 13, 2015)

Today I was fully anticipating sharing with you a blog about 1 Samuel 18 regarding the favor of God. I filmed the video and wrote the entire post. In fact, I felt it was one of the best posts I had done in a while and was so excited to share it with you! It was one of those moments that I sat down to write and the words just flowed. I love writing when it flows, as if the Holy Spirit is working through me.

As I neared the end of the post, with just the questions to finish, my internet browser somehow renewed and like that, I lost all my work. I've never had that happen and I frantically searched for a way to recover my work. However, as much as I refreshed and went back to previous versions, it was all gone. 

As I stared at the empty screen in disbelief, a rush of anger and frustration came over me. I almost wanted to cry I was so discouraged. When I had been writing the post, it flowed so much to the extent that I felt I didn't put as much thought into, if that makes sense. And having completed it, I felt I had emptied myself of the message. But it was gone now.

I decided to take a break in the hopes of coming back to it renewed, so I grabbed my comfort food, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and watched a movie with my husband. A few hours later I came back to the computer, placed my fingers over the keys, and continued to stare at that blank screen. As much as I racked by brain for the same message I had so easily shared a few hours earlier, I was left with nothing. How could this happen?! Why did this have to happen? I mean, it seemed as if that message was suppose to be shared as it flowed with such ease, and yet for some odd reason, it was gone.

So today, instead of getting the intended message from 1 Samuel 18, today my message is this: sometimes things just don't work out. Brilliant, I know. But life can work out like that in so many ways. You didn't get the promotion or raise you were expecting. That relationship didn't pan out like you thought. You didn't get the grade you were hoping for on that exam. The list can go on and on.

When I lost all that work, which may not seem like a big deal, it was very discouraging for me. For a moment I considered not posting anything this week, but then I would have missed out on a different opportunity. So instead of giving up, I decided to go a different direction. 

Maybe that's what you need to hear today. If something didn't work out like you thought, instead of giving up, go a different way, Find the other path. Perhaps God has something different in mind for you, and if He does, it always turns out better anyway. So forget about what didn't work out, and find the way that does. Find what direction God has in store for you and go that way.