His Brokenness Holds Me Together

I came into my prayer time today--after having not set aside proper time over the last few days--feeling scattered. Do you ever feel that way? Maybe you missed some devoted time with the Lord and feel all over the place. Maybe even a mess. It's amazing how time with Him makes all the difference, am I right?!

I started a worship song called "Love Changes Everything" [@redrocksworship] and before their words even started mine began to flow. Immediately I expressed how I missed my sweet time with Him and how I feel like a mess without His constant companionship. How I felt like everything could fall apart without Him. And then the words began in the song--about how Jesus was broken beautifully for us.

As I confessed my brokenness I was reminded of His. The sacrifice Jesus made for us was the victory that makes us alive. His brokenness holds me together. And don't we feel that everyday? I know I do! I know that one day without holding Him close is a chasing after the wind. I feel lost, tired, and useless--I feel myself fade into the chaos of the world around me. But then all of that changes within the first few precious moments with Him. I know I'm not deserving of His brokenness or qualified to carry that message, however, I know He loves me and that there is nothing else I can do but carry that message.

If you're feeling like a hot mess today, or just feeling a bit frazzled, take a few intimate moments with Him now and allow His brokenness to come in and hold you together. My perspective is different and day less chaotic after reconnecting with my Savior.