Fear & Anxiety // Prayer & Thanksgiving

Fear & Anxiety Large.jpg
Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.
— Philippians 4:6

Prayer and thanksgiving are always a good remedy! In Philippians, we are called not to be anxious but to access God with our requests through prayer and thanksgiving. If you’re feeling any amount of anxiety, train yourself to turn to praise. Praise begins to shift your perspective and set your heart in a healthy direction.

How can fear and anxiety thrive in an environment of praise? It can’t! As I said in week 1, fear is a hindrance to the enjoyment of life and I hope that through this plan you’ve been able to see how that might happen. It’s hard to fight a natural tendency but if you want to throw off the shackles of fear and anxiety, then fight that tendency with what you have learned in this series.

Take the distorted perspective fear thrives in and set your eyes on Jesus--the right perspective. Remember that God will sustain you in your difficult season or situation; size up your concern next to the mightiness of our God and see how it shutters in the shadow of His power. Then follow the cure outlined in Luke 12 and turn to praise and thanksgiving.

You can be set free from fear and anxiety, and now that you have the knowledge and tools to overcome, go to the throne and lean into the Father today. He’s with you in this battle!