Sex & Grace // The Perversion of a Gift


Sex. It's a beautiful gift but perhaps the most misunderstood and misused gift of all. Mankind has taken something that is beautiful and intimate and turned into an act of glorified perversion.

Unfortunately, I know a thing or two about the misuse of sex. In fact, I was addicted to it for many years. I wrote a book about what I learned on the heels of its messy entanglement but I merely breeched the subject. I didn't dive into the real struggles I faced for years to overcome its bondage and find freedom from the shame that accompanied it. I wasn’t even a believer for much of those years and even then I knew it was wrong. Deep down I knew sex what something sacred.

Sex was designed by God to be a gift a man and wife would share with each other within the bonds of marriage. That’s it. Two people enjoying one another for a lifetime. And yet it has been taken advantage of for centuries and misused in countless ways.

Pornography. Masturbation. Sex outside of marriage. With multiples partners. We see it everywhere, too. And every form is accepted now. I’m fact, our society parades around the freedom one can find in sex. How it’s a tool to express one’s identity. But we’ve missed the mark and made a mess of it.  My heart breaks at the way we’ve taken this gift and used it to satisfy our own desires in damaging ways. 

In this raw and transparent series, I’m going to dive into the ways mankind has perverted sex and share how it hurts you and others. And then we’ll dive into God’s original design for it, how to find redemption in the aftermath, and much more. 

Come back next week as we explore the dangers of porn, masturbation, and other manifestations of sex outside of God’s design. And boy, is it dangerous. For men and women. For the user and those around him or her. I would know; it was my bondage for many years. Until then, know that sex is good and beautiful and fun but when used as God designed it to be. 

That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.
— Genesis 2:24