Welcome! My name is Brittany and this website provides biblical encouragement for the world-weary believer. As someone who didn't become a Christian until my late teens, I know what it's like to fumble through the faith journey. I've had a huge learning curve over the years and made mistakes along the way. It's because of my own experiences I am passionate about helping those who are tired, discouraged, and unsure in their faith journey. Because I've been there I can relate and want to share with you resources that aren't merely Christian fluff, but are resources that provide practical insight and help as you find your way on this incredible journey with our beautiful God. I hope you'll stay a while and check out the resources on this page!


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"I am honored to know Brittany and to have had the privilege of being a part of this beautiful story of hope and redemption. As she opens up the secret places of her heart to touch yours, the rawness and honesty of her words will captivate your attention. The message of this book is so needed, not only for those who are experiencing the pain and consequences of sexual sin, but for those who desire to keep from experiencing that pain. I believe Brittany’s story and her dynamic biblical insight offer a fresh and much-needed perspective on failure and restoration that everyone needs to hear!" 

-Debbie Lindell, James River Church



Celebrating Advent - Week 3

December 15, 2018

In week 3 as we celebrate Advent, we dive into the coming that is to come!

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New Crosswalk Article

December 12, 2018

Brittany shares on Crosswalk.com the true meaning of Christmas to help align our heart with the season.

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New Epic Fails Podcast Episode 

December 05, 2018

Tiffany shares an experience she never thought she would go through and what she found in the journey.

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