The One Thing That Overcomes A Goliath

(originally published May 16, 2015)

David and Goliath. One of the most famous stories of all time, even in a secular world. It's the magical story of a boy going toe-to-toe with a legendary giant of a man for the victory of a nation. It's the harrowing tale of overcoming the odds. But more than anything, it's the real life account of God instilling power in an ordinary man to conquer the seemingly impossible.

We've all heard the story of David and Goliath; it's one of the most widely taught Biblical stories of all time. I probably won't tell you anything you haven't heard before, but perhaps I could refresh it for you. In the video. I talk about an experience I had at youth camp 12 years ago that changed my life. It was when I first heard 1 Samuel 17 taught that I met God at the altar and He delivered me from a great stronghold...from my "Goliath."

David was a teenager when he brought food to his brothers who were at the battle with the Philistines. As Israel camped across the valley from their enemy, daily a great giant by the name of Goliath would come out and taught them. He would call for one man to come fight him; if defeated, the Philistines would concede the victory to Israel. So Israel was looking for one man to take the stand against the giant. Just one man, but none would step forward.

When David heard about the challenge, he eagerly accepted. Verse 26b,

"For who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God?"

While everyone else sat there as Goliath taunted them at the edge of war, David rose up to defend the people of God. A teenage boy, offering to battle a man who is estimated to have been nine feet nine inches tall. However, David was more than just a teenage boy. He had fought and defeated lions and bears, but more than that, He believed God would be with him. That one belief made all the difference.

In my study I came across a quote by John MacArthur that perfectly narrates the story in one sentence.

"In human terms alone, Goliath was invincible. However, David counted on the Lord being with him and making the difference."

This is the key to victory over any stronghold, challenge and obstacle. Many things can pop into our lives, taunting to us their invincibility. We can become discouraged, shaken and afraid. Perhaps by human standards they are invincible, but nothing is too hard for God. He conquered death! The difference between defeat and victory is the power of God.

David went onto that battlefield with zero armor and nothing but some rocks, a sling, and belief that God was with him. With that, he prevailed over the "invincible" Goliath and claimed victory for Israel. The rest is history for David, as they say.

Here's the scoop: I personally experienced a miracle in my life when God empowered me to be a conqueror over my Goliath of anger. It was a major stronghold in my life for many years that I couldn't overcome on my own, as hard as I tried. My anger seemed invincible. However when I cried out to God and laid it at His feet, He made the difference I couldn't. He overcame the anger. 

If you are locked into a stronghold you've tried to break free from to no avail, there is hope. God can make the difference in your equation and give you victory over your Goliath. The next opportunity you have to pull away and spend some quality time with God, take it. Go to Him with your stronghold and pray for a victory. I'll be honest; it may not happen in that moment as my deliverance from anger was. Some of my other strongholds took months, even years to break free from. But don't give up. Keep believing that the same God who conquered death and gave David victory over Goliath is the same God who is with you. 


  1. What is your Goliath?

  2. Spend some time seeking after God for a victory over this stronghold.