Do You Want the Favor of God?

Have you ever looked at someone's life and noticed a kind of favor? Perhaps wished for the same in your own life. I remember I use to look at some people who seemed to breeze through life and become envious, wondering why their life seemed so much, well, happier. Why was it that some people seemed to have it all together?

I've since learned there is a kind of favor that transcends circumstances. That it doesn't necessarily matter where you came from or what talents you possess. It's a favor that comes from God and is unmerited. Truly.

1 Samuel 18 shouts like no other the favor of God on a persons life. It describes a few different kinds of relationships that David has with other people and with the nation of Israel that really play in to this. However, perhaps most prominent in the chapter is the anger crackling like a growing fire within King Saul.

The first relationship described is that between best friends David and Jonathan. In fact, Jonathan goes so far as to make a covenant of commitment to David. He takes off his outer garments and gives them, as well as his weapons, to David. This is significant because those items were a sign of Jonathan's status and right to the throne. Essentially, Jonathan is making a statement that submits to the God-ordained authority of David. Imagine what Saul thought about that; his own son pledging allegiance to His silent rival. This resounds the favor of God on David's life.

Another relationship described in this chapter is that between David and Michal, who is the daughter of Saul. As promised for defeating Goliath, Saul must give his daughter over to David in marriage. Michal is delighted by this news because she loves him. However, Saul sees an opportunity to get rid of his rising protege here. He sends David to kill a group of Philistines and hopes the young man will die in the progress. Because of the favor of God, David is victorious.

Another favor is the one David has with the nation of Israel. It seems no matter what he does, he is praised and cheered for his actions. In fact, so much positive attention is given to David by the people that Saul becomes quite jealous. Verse 7,

"Saul has struck down his thousands, and David his ten thousands.” 

Saul becomes so jealous and envious that he himself attempts to personally kill David twice! Yet, again the favor of God is on David and he quickly eludes death both times. This wasn't an easy task since Saul was an accomplished warrior, however nothing can trump the favor of God.

I can't help but see the fingerprints of God all over the life of David. This favor includes protection, promotion and personal intimacy. The thing is, David didn't earn or deserve any of this favor. He was a boy from an obscure place who looked over sheep. The thing about David is that he loved and served God; his greatest desire was to bring glory to God and walk in obedience. Saul on the other hand was all about himself. 

I know I want the favor of God so deeply on my life and in every aspect of my life. I don't want to make marriage work on my own. I don't want to go to work each day on my own. I don't want to even write this post on my own. I've learned the hard way that when I try to do anything in my own strength, I fail. I don't want to fail anymore. Unfortunately, I know I will in this fallen world. However I know that I serve an amazing God that has all the grace I could ever need. A God that doesn't portion out His favor to me based on my actions. My God pours out his unmerited favor because I love and serve Him.

My prayer for you today is that instead of trying to earn favor in your own strength, you'll rest in the grace and love of God. That through your personal relationship with Him you'll see Him work in great ways. My prayer for you is that the fingerprints of God would be seen all over your life, by all those around you. 


  1. Based on today's chapter and reading, has your definition of favor changed? How so?

  2. Where are needing God's favor in your life? A work situation, marriage difficulty or big move. Let God know you are all about Him and His way, and ask HIm to have favor on you.