5 Things to Do Going into a New Year

1.    How will 2017 and 2018 look different?

 Now is a good time, after reflecting on 2017, to determine how you’d like the next year to look different. Maybe it’s walking in forgiveness this next year, for example. Perhaps you’re ready to make a go at pursuing your dreams instead of settling for less than what God has purposed you for. Do you feel the pull to be a better leader of your family, men? Or ladies, to put aside comparison?

I don’t know what you struggled with in 2017 but if there is something you’re ready to leave in the past for a better 2018, what does that look like? 

2.    Define who you want to be in the new year.

Similar to the previous step, yet more definitive, what kind of person do you want to be in the next year? We all have an area within us we are determined to grow in as a human being. A more gracious spouse, kinder co-worker, attentive parent. Or to finally let go of some of that pride, insecurity, or lust. Maybe it’s to be a more devoted follower of Christ.

Define the kind of person you want to be. A good start, if you’re not sure, can be found in Romans 12:9-21 with the marks of a true Christian. Resolve to be a better you in 2018!

3.    Identify a theme for 2018.

Every year I spend time in prayer and determine a theme for the new year. A word and Bible verse to guide an area I’d like to grow in.

I would highly encourage you to pray and get into the Word to determine a guiding theme for the next year. An area you could grow in. Do you want to go “deeper” with God? Perhaps pursue “humility” to conquer a spirit of pride. Whatever that may look like for you, determine it, get it in you, and pursue it in 2018!

4.    Write out your 2018 goals.

Some might call them resolutions but I like the term goals a bit better. Something to aim for. You might not hit the mark on all the items but if you don’t aim for something you’ll never achieve anything.

Write down goals for the year that you would like to aim for. Start that small business you’ve dreamed about for years by writing a business proposal. Finally, take that cross-country road trip with your family. Increase your giving in finances, time, and kindness.

This is a place for your dreams to begin or be renewed with commitment. 

5.    Make NYE plans!

The year is wrapping up and whether it was good or bad, it’s cause to celebrate. Time to usher in a new year! Plan a family get-together at your house or hit the town with some friends. Make the transition with your community and have some fun!